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Progression 66

Progression Magazine issue No. 66 has been mailed to all domestic and international subscribers, and now is available for single-issue ordering. Featured in this information-packed 112-page issue:

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William Shatner (cover story) — in-depth interview with renowned performing artist William Shatner discussing his new progressive rock album for Cleopatra Records, Ponder the Mystery. The three-part article includes an interview with project coordinator Billy Sherwood plus coverage of Shatner with Sherwood’s band Circa in concert. Says Shatner, “I wrote the lyrics and tried to find hooks for songs. I participated in the mix; I had opinions on some of the music. I’m working with a genius called Billy Sherwood who took my words and made them into songs, did all the arrangements. And then the label brought in some extraordinary musicians to contribute to each number. Each song has a glorious musician who adds their talents and progressive cred.”

The cruise festival phenomenon — an in-depth look at progressive music’s big splash on the cruise festival scene, including coverage of the inaugural Cruise to the Edge plus a preview of the new Progressive Nation at Sea. Cruise to the Edge 2014 also is previewed.

Copernicus — an interview with progressive performance poet Joseph Smalkowski a/k/a Copernicus, on his unusual approach to blending philosophy and music. Says Copernicus, “Now, if everything is made of atoms and these atoms are constantly moving around, nothing is the same from one moment to the next. If nothing is constant then nothing really exists! You can call me Copernicus now, but what do you call me a moment later when I change? Therefore, there is no Copernicus. And there is no past, present, or future. There is just a subatomic world that human senses cannot decipher.”

Kansas — an examination of the seminal American progressive act’s early ties to the City of Pittsburgh, where the band recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in concert with symphony orchestra.

Spock’s Beard — a look at how the band has weathered jarring lineup changes, including arrival of its third lead singer. Says vocalist Ted Leonard, “I knew whatever we did better be great, because fans would be measuring this version of Spock’s against its illustrious past.”

Little Atlas — band members discuss new album Automatic Day and the ongoing evolution of their sound. Says group leader Steve Katsikas, “We’ve always felt that any song we put out has to stand on its own two legs. We do consider ourselves songwriters before we think of ourselves as musicians or instrumentalists.”

Amplifier — with two albums in 24 months and a new label contract, Britain’s Amplifier might own the record for a band awaiting its proverbial breakthrough – in this case, nearly 14 years. Says lead guitarist/singer Sel Balamir, “Sometimes, over-intellectualizing or over-thinking things that you do can actually be bad. I’ve never, ever made a record where we just sat down and said, ‘We’ve got to write something right now! Let’s just do it and see what happens.’ That could have been a nightmare for me.”

Sanguine Hum — an introduction to the inventive British group and its ambitious plans for a multiple-album concept series. Says keyboardist Matt Baber, “The point of all of these records will be revealed once we complete the jigsaw of the whole thing.”

Pinnacle — an introduction to this veteran independent Pennsylvania ensemble and latest album A Blueprint for Chaos. Says bassist Bill Fox, “There have to be great songs as the basis for what we do. I think the songwriting on Blueprint for Chaos is our best yet.”

Days Between Stations — an overview of the California act’s star-studded second album, In Extremis. Says guitarist/co-leader Sepand Samzadeh, “I really need to emphasize that we’re just guys in a basement room. We had no intention or thought of having special guest musicians on a level like this. It was like two dreamers looking up at the moon and next thing you know, you’re there! For us, it was a dream come true.”

Charles Brown — introducing the independent Colorado-based progressive guitar maestro and his unique approaches to composition/recording. Says Brown, “It’s a blend – heavy rock and progressive riffs with guitar-synth textures and melodies, as well as some acoustic and classical elements.”

Live report: Renaissance — a review on the classic band’s ongoing revival after the passing of co-leader Michael Dunford.

Live report: Marillion — a detailed look back at the biannual Marillion Weekend in Montreal, Canada.

Live report: Steven Wilson — exploring the nuances of Wilson’s solo band concert extravaganza.

Live report: Baja Prog — celebrating the festival’s triumphant return after a five-year break.

Live report: Rites of Spring Festival — assessing the performances and anticipating what’s to come.

Live report: Yestival — the good and not so good about this prospective annual daylong event in urban New Jersey.

Live report: ProgDay Festival — touching base with the world’s longest-running annual progressive music event.

Live report: Spock’s Beard/Jolly/Randy George Band — an account of the triple-bill show marking the InsideOut label’s 20th anniversary.

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